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Berkey Water Filters are the Gold Standard in Purifying your own water at home or on the go. They remove heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and other contaminants for 2 cents a gallon! This is the world's most powerful water purifier, allowing only water molecules to get through both filters, which lasts 6,000 gallons or about 5 years! No need to change your filter each month like a Brita. Your search is over! Choose a Berkey! You owe it to yourself to drink the cleanest, purest water there is. Shipping is FREE! It does not matter if you live in NY (Hi Mom!) FL, CA or anywhere else in the US, shipping is on us, even in the Hawaiian Islands. Furthermore if you live on the Big Island of Hawaii,


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George Costanza's review on berkey water filter

The Berkey Brand is simply the best home water purifier on the market, and Berkey Water Hawaii is the only Berkey seller that gives you frequent flier miles with each purchase. When pretzels make me thirsty, I always turn to Berkey water to quench my thirst.

George Costanza, Architect and Marine Biologist